Rulon Hacking

I was introduced to the work of former-Bongart-student Rulon Hacking when NW artist Virginia Phillips gifted me the painting above. It means a lot to me because I know this very street in Venice CA, so close to where I live. The painting, measuring about 3-feet wide, is larger than most that I’ve seen online.

Virginia said that he was Sergei’s prize student before he was drafted and sent to Viet Nam. I found an interesting interview of three artists—Ron Barsano, Rod Goebel, and Rulon Hacking—done in 1981 at Goebel’s house in Arroy Seco near Taos NM.

The Taos Museum has about a dozen of his paintings online, some which date to the early 1990’s, so he did continue to have a career as a talented artist. To wit:

Aspen Lane 18×24

Chama River NM 18×24

Cottonwoods on the Snake 18×24

Early Autumn 11×14

Evening Brook 12×16

Homestead 16×20

Russian Olive and Hollyhocks 11×14