Rulon Hacking

I was introduced to the work of former-Bongart-student Rulon Hacking when NW artist Virginia Phillips gifted me the painting above. It means a lot to me because I know this very street in Venice CA, so close to where I live. The painting, measuring about 3-feet wide, is larger than most that I’ve seen online.

Not a lot is known about Rulon. The online White Pages lists him living in Vernal, Utah, and is age 65. His father lived and died in the same town, and there is a Dace Rulon Hacking on Facebook, from Utah and could be Rulon’s son.

Virginia said that he was Sergei’s prize student before he was drafted and sent to Viet Nam. I found an interesting interview of three artists—Ron Barsano, Rod Goebel, and Rulon Hacking—done in 1981 at Goebel’s house in Arroy Seco near Taos NM.

The Taos Museum has about a dozen of his paintings online, some which date to the early 1990’s, so he did continue to have a career as a talented artist. To wit:

Aspen Lane 18×24

Chama River NM 18×24

Cottonwoods on the Snake 18×24

Early Autumn 11×14

Evening Brook 12×16

Homestead 16×20

Russian Olive and Hollyhocks 11×14

If anyone has more information or stories about Rulon, I’d love to know. Please use the Contact form above. If enough come in, I’ll post an update.

Stuart and the Amphora Team