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Me & the Model T: 63,000 Miles in Mr. Ford’s Wonder Car


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Kenneth Balcomb’s account of his journey in New Mexico with a Model T between 1919-1923 on the roads that eventually become part of the state’s National Highway System.

Between 1919 and 1923, Kenneth Balcomb was assigned a WWI Army surplus Model T while he worked as an engineer for the United States Bureau of Public Roads, traveling over 63,000 miles to survey, inspect, and construct highways in New Mexico. This important book is a snapshot of a unique time in America, right when the country was converting from the horse-and-buggy to that new-fangled contraption, the automobile. Trails and roads, if there were any at all, were deeply rutted from wagon wheels and littered with nails, screws, and spikes that had fallen off of supply wagons. Maneuvering through the countryside and over mountain passes, day or night, proved to be for the hardy of spirit and was a true test of stamina.

Soft cover, 188 pgs, 25 vintage photographs, $14.00

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