Just as the amphora was used by ancient Greeks to ferment and store fine wine, Amphora Editions is a “vessel” for fine, creative works. Our goal is to inspire, inform, and transcend.

In 2013 Amphora Editions was born, after merging and assuming ownership of another family business, Cody Publishing, Seattle, Washington. Included are two books by Mary Balcomb: Sergei Bongart and Robin-Robin, A Journal.

Our first project was Robert Balcomb’s Me & Mortensen, Photography with the Master, about his time as the protégé of William Mortensen, one of the most important pictorialists of the last century. We are proud that interest in this landmark book continues to grow and has found a worldwide audience. 

The extended talents of the Balcomb lineage continue with Me & the Model T: 63,000 Miles in Mr. Ford’s Wonder Car, by Kenneth Balcomb, which chronicles his travels and adventures in New Mexico while surveying, inspecting, and building roads from 1919-1923. 

Amphora is excited to introduce two new authors:

Music to My Years, Life and Love Between the Notes, by legendary Hollywood composer/musician Artie Kane.

Modern Nomad—Into the Heart of the Silk Road, Afghanistan 1977, by Joanne Warfield, an intimate photography and travel journal of Afghanistan before the Russian invasion. Coming in 2021.

We are pleased to extend the Amphora Experience with our blog, which will delve into the artists’ processes, behind-the-scenes stories, author interviews, videos, and extra material found nowhere else.

Join us on the journey as we discover new artists, photographers, and writers.