Press Release: Film and TV Composer Artie Kane Releases Hollywood Memoir


Film and TV Composer Artie Kane Releases Hollywood Memoir

Artie Kane, who composed the music for over 250 television shows, conducted scores for 60 motion pictures, with eight marriages and a career spanning over eight decades, recounts his life in Hollywood and New York as a child prodigy, composer and conductor working with such stars as Frank Sinatra, Henry Mancini, John Williams, and Quincy Jones.


Kenneth Balcomb’s Model T

From 1919 to 1923 Kenneth Balcomb worked as an engineer for the United States Bureau of Public Roads in New Mexico. He was assigned a WWI Army surplus Model T to travel over 63,000 miles to survey, inspect, and construct highways. Told in the form of his actual letters to his wife Katharine and brother John, an engineer, these tales chronicle an era in the United States when the country was experiencing the birth and growth of its National Highway System.


Rulon Hacking

I was introduced to the work of former-Bongart-student Rulon Hacking when NW artist Virginia Phillips gifted me the painting above. It means a lot to me because I know this very street in Venice CA, so close to where I live. The painting, measuring about 3-feet wide, is larger than most that I’ve seen online.


Mary Balcomb – Student Work

Author Mary N. Balcomb (Sergei Bongart, Nicholai Fechin, William F. Reese, Robin-Robin: A Journal) was born April 29, 1928, in Mass, Michigan. After high school, from 1946-1948 she attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago, where she met her husband-to-be, Robert Balcomb.

The class she valued the most, and which had an effect on her for the rest of her life, was Quick Sketching—how to get the essence of the subject on paper very quickly. Below are ink/pastel drawings done in that manner. One can tell that by this young age, she was already a prodigious talent.


Diane McClary

Rock Cairn at La Quinta Cove
30×40 oil on canvas

As an artist, I am totally grateful for the knowledge that I received from studying with Sergei Bongart, along with my studies with Ron Lukas, Sunny Apinchapong, and Del Gish. Also, I feel very fortunate that Mary Balcomb wrote an intensive and comprehensive book, Sergei Bongart, on the life and teachings of Sergei.


William F. Reese

“Mt. Shasta” hung in Mary Balcomb’s home for many years. It was painted from the eastern side of the mountain, a view not seen by most who travel the I-5.

Born in South Dakota and raised in Central Washington, William F. Reese painted for over 50 years. He created an astonishing body of work that includes oils, pastels, watercolors, sculptures, etchings, and instructional books. Though prolific and proficient in several media, Reese was likely best known as one of America’s premier plein air artists, reveling in the majesty of the Northwest and setting up his easel outdoors in all kinds of weather and in every kind of location.