Music To My Years

by Artie Kane
Music to My years by Artie Kane Wins Gold Medal

From radio to scores of TV and movie soundtracks, Artie Kane’s music has touched and inspired millions of people.

In his newly released memoir, “Music To My Years: Life and Love Between the Notes,” he captures the romantic as well as the unrelenting perfectionism demanded in the entertainment industry. Mr. Kane conducted scores for over 60 motion pictures, wrote music for over 250 television shows (“Wonder Woman,” “Vegas,” “Loveboat,” “Hotel,” “Dynasty,” “Matlock,” “Question of Guilt,” “Man Against the Mob”) and seven motion pictures, such as “Looking for Mr. Goodbar,” “Eyes of Laura Mars,” “Night of the Juggler,” and “Wrong Is Right.”

Artie Kane, with candor and acerbic wit, recounts his quest to find love through eight marriages as he pursued his dreams as a pianist. His memoir is infused with provocative and poignant stories about the celebrities he worked with and gives an insider’s look at Hollywood culture, films, and TV shows of the last five decades. “Music to My Years” captures the romantic as well as the rough-hewn and unrelentingly perfectionist sides of the world of professional entertainment. For the love of music, and in quest of love through eight marriages, Artie reimagines his dreams, and with characteristic candor and acerbic wit, proves that the American landscape thrives as a place for misfits who follow their dreams to success.

“Music to My Years” is also the story of the ever-changing world of professional entertainment, told by an artist whose talents helped to define the transformative era. This memoir will delight and inform lovers of music, fans of Hollywood culture and films, and devotees of TV shows of the last five decades. This story will resonate with anyone who has pursued a dream or struggled to find true love.

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Excerpt from Artie Kane’s new audiobook, “Music to My Years: Life and Love Between the Notes”

“Chapter 12: New York, New York”

Artie Kane
Artie Kane

About Artie Kane

Growing up in Columbus, Ohio, as a child prodigy, Artie Kane (born Aaron Cohen April 14, 1929) began his piano studies with Agnes Wright at three-and-a-half years old, winning numerous contests against older children. Newspapers in Columbus reported many of his competitions and performances throughout his childhood. Later he studied with Madame Karyn Dayas at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and Madame Herz in New York. Kane is a pianist, film composer, and conductor.

His music career as a pianist in the Hollywood studios spans from 1960 through 1978, working with Frank Sinatra, Henry Mancini, John Williams, and Quincy Jones, to name a few.

He conducted over 60 motion pictures for various composers from 1991 through 1999. As a composer he wrote music for over 250 television shows (Wonder Woman, Vegas, Loveboat, Hotel, Dynasty, Matlock, Question of Guilt, Man Against the Mob) and seven motion pictures, such as Looking for Mr. Goodbar, Eyes of Laura Mars, Night of the Juggler, and Wrong Is Right.

Kane was nominated for a Grammy Award along with Ralph Grierson for their 1975 two-piano Gershwin Album, “S’Wonderful,” on Angel Records.

He is the author of “Music To My Years: Life and Love Between the Notes,” a memoir of his illustrious career, eight marriages, numerous girlfriends, and his own family–all of whom had a marked effect on his life.