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Amphora Editions, in Venice, California, is a small publisher specializing in unique, beautifully crafted books on evocative storytelling and the Arts.

Travel with Joanne to this exotic land during a time of peace.
Don’t miss sharing this rare journey with a Modern Nomad
that is full of heart, mystery, intrigue, and insight.
Joanne’s heart-opening photographs and stories are a
lasting testament that humanize our perception of all
peoples throughout the world. Read more

The protégé of William Mortensen,
one of the most important pictorialists of the last century,
writes about his time studying with the Master.
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Mary Balcomb, author of Nicolai Fechin, and William Reese,
has produced another masterpiece,
chronicling the life and artwork of one of the
most revered painter/teachers of the last century.
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A true story about an orphaned baby robin.
“Wobbly, bald — almost featherless —
with a physique only a mother could love.”
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Music to My years by Artie Kane Wins Gold Medal

For over fifty years, in radio, on multiple stages,
in scores of movie soundtracks,
Artie Kane’s music has touched
and inspired millions of people.
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Between 1919 and 1923, Kenneth Balcomb
was assigned a WWI Army surplus Model T
to travel over 63,000 miles to survey,
inspect, and construct highways in New Mexico.
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Internationally renowned painter and sculptor William F. Reese
produced oils, pastels, watercolors, sculptures, etchings,
and instructional books. Forward by Wilson Hurley.
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